August 21st, 2021 – 2:51am

I just want to come home.

And that would be anywhere that you are.

I have to be near you.

22 days since you’ve said that you love me.

14 days since my last drink.

I begged for help so many times.

Everything is so much clearer and I understand why this happened. I can’t tell you how sorry I am and how useless I now know I was. However, I know also that I should have never left 😞

I should have never walked out that door without falling apart in front of you and giving every effort. Now, here I am. Didn’t even put up a fight 😔

I believe in us and always have and that breaks my heart even more that all this time I haven’t felt like you believed in us and that destroyed me on a daily basis. My dumbass resorted to daily drinking to try to cope with the paranoia that we were falling apart and that only made it worse and it snowballed.

My alcohol abuse is and will stay behind me.

I have so much respect, love and admiration for you. I am literally willing to do everything and anything for you. I’ve always knew that and that was always my Intent, but I was not able to provide you with the attentiveness and companionship that you needed and deserved. I am 100% aware that how I acted was unacceptable and how it affected you. I am also 100% capable and determined to be your human. I’ve seen it in your eyes SO many times, one of my favorite expressions of yours. The satisfaction, the oneness, just completely enamored. You are the only person that I should spend and share my life with. I have so much devotion and so much that I owe you. Please, ___, give me this one chance at forever.

Lesson learned.

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