SELFISH – Sept. 3rd, 2021 – 12:57pm

If you miss me, I wish you would tell me.

I wish you were yelling
that you could do it without me, but that you don’t want to.

I wish you were shouting
that you are fine by yourself, but you need something else
and that you know what it is because it’s me that you miss.

I wish you were crying,
screaming out loud that our love isn’t dying.
Crying out loud that you need to come find me
and remind me that you love me.
You just have to come find me,
you know right where I’m lying.

I wish you were dying,
dying to come wrap your arms all around me, dying to tear down your walls so that I see everything that you could never tell me
and dying to tell me that you could live without me, but that’s not what you’re choosing


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